Francis Standish

Francis had a career in Education until a transition into organisational learning and development. He has been a keen student of English since his teens, has a deep interest in how we speak our truth, and has written poems at significant times throughout his life.

Retreats led by Francis Standish

November 2017

Booking ID: 071117

What influences have shaped our lives up to now? We will use the natural design of the spiral as a guiding model for our own reflections, while we experience `the still centre of the turning world` in various ways.

Residential price: £210.00

March 2018

Booking ID: 200318

“In the beginning was the Word.” We shall bring along, hear and look at poems that move us. We will share poems we have each written, speaking out for our inner selves. We will experience resonance on various levels. As shared themes emerge, we will write to express our personal poetic responses. We may find new meaning for ourselves in light of our time together. “A poet’s autobiography is his poetry; anything else is just a footnote.” Yevtushenko

Residential price: £210.00