Lina Newstead

Lina Newstead B.A. BWY Diploma Cert Ed. Lina has been practising Yoga since 1975, gaining experience with Yoga teachers from different traditions. She has been taught meditation in the Buddhist Tibetan tradition which covers Mindfulness. She has had extensive experience in teaching Yoga & meditation to adults, children, pregnant women, and to students with special needs such as MS & ME. She has a City & Guilds Level 4 Certificate in Education. She is a BWY Foundation Course & Diploma course tutor. She has completed a BWY Post Graduate Module in Pranayama & Meditation. She has taught the CYQ Yoga Diploma at The City Lit in London and the BWY Yoga Diploma course at The Studio in Canterbury. She also teaches regular private classes, retreat weekends & days at various beautiful venues, co tutoring with other Yoga teachers. The style of physical Yoga that she teaches is inclusive & very therapeutic, with an emphasis on good breathing, deep relaxations & meditation. She always likes to add that little bit of extra interest teaching about mandalas, mantras & mudras.

Retreats led by Lina Newstead

July 2017

Booking ID: 050717

For yoga practitioners and others who are simply interested in learning more about the chakra system & how it can energise & heal the body & mind.

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 210717

A special time to share different meditation techniques together. Come and deeply relax the mind and body to connect to your essential self. The techniques are from the Tibetan and Yoga tradition. Mindfulness will be integrated into the practices.

Residential price: £260.00

August 2017

Booking ID: 020817

As the year turns meditations on nature can enhance your practice

Non-residential price: £50.00

September 2017

Booking ID: 060917

A big question that deserves contemplation

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 220917

Come and practice Yoga from a mindful perspective- taking more time and attention to your postures, breathing practices and deep relaxation techniques. We will also practice hand mudras gestures, &mantras positive affirmations and meditation.

Residential price: £260.00

October 2017

Booking ID: 041017

Going into the season of mellow fruitfulness & see if the practices can help you to enjoy this transition

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 131017

Do you need to have a digital detox? Come and enjoy a weekend to enhance your well-being with practices from Yoga and mindfulness meditation. There will be information on how to deal with insomnia and stressful lifestyles. Enjoy the vegetarian food and walks in the local countryside. Massage will be available at an extra cost.

Residential price: £260.00

November 2017

Booking ID: 011117

Colouring in maybe new for you but mandalas are centuries old. Come & explore them not only to colour, in but also to meditate with them

Non-residential price: £50.00

December 2017

Booking ID: 061217

The 3 classic points of focus for meditators to practise.

Non-residential price: £50.00

Booking ID: 291217

Do you feel the need to look at the year that’s gone and the year ahead in a new light? Come and spend a very different new year helping you to start it off in a really positive way. Yoga and mindfulness meditation will be practised and there will be sessions on self development with the aim to help you to surf the waves of life!!

Residential price: £545.00