• Tutor: Jennifer Kavanagh
  • Start Date: Friday 15th September, 15:00
  • End Date: Sunday 17th September, 14:00
  • Residential Price: £ 245.00 per person

This retreat has already started, if you would still like to take part then please contact us.

Our screens and newsfeeds are full of violent images; our world is full of poverty, inequality and injustice.
We find it hard to live together, in our families, communities, or in the world at large.
At the same time, we are surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, and daily life is full of acts of compassion, kindness, friendship and love.
How do we reconcile these differences?
What does the universe, with its countless examples of mutuality, have to teach us?
Science, religion and our own experience teach us that the whole of creation is a web of interconnectedness.

Jennifer`s book the Heart of Oneness: a little book of connection is due out at the end of this year. Christian Alternative (John Hunt Publishing), December 2017
Participants are asked to bring
something that nurtures them (a short poem, piece of music or picture
etc.) to share on the Saturday night.

Rooms available from 3pm Friday
Afternoon tea and cake 4pm
Supper 6.30pm
First Session 7.45pm
Course finishes with Sunday Lunch

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.

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